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Subdivisions/Lot Lines

Subdivision surveys are boundary surveys that produce a survey map with a design of splitting the larger lots into smaller individual lots. Subdivision of smaller parcels from an original larger parcel require approval from the town planning board. Planning board regulations usually require a boundary survey of the property showing the shape and size of the proposed smaller parcels. The design of the smaller parcels is dependent on the specific zoning requirement of each town. In some cases of a smaller lot being created from a very large lot the planning board will require that only the smaller portion or the bounds of the new lot be surveyed and shown as a subdivision for planning board approval.

A lot line adjustment is similar to a subdivision survey as it may require approval from a town planning board. A lot line adjustment is the alteration of a boundary line between two adjacent properties. A boundary survey of the properties or a portion of the properties is completed and a map is created to show the location of the new property lines.

Young surveyor with equipment at creek.
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