Boundary / Topographic / Mortgage Surveys

Boundary surveys of properties of all sizes from the smallest city lot to hundreds of acres in farmland. Our boundary surveys produce a certified map for your use and all of the missing property corners will be set and monumented. Property lines may be clearly demarcated upon request.

Mortgage surveys are boundary surveys required by a bank or title company as a condition of the purchase of a property. Mortgage surveys produce a map certified to the buyer, seller, the lender and the title company. Property corners will be set and monumented. We pride ourselves on delivering mortgage surveys in a timely manner in time for your closing.

Topographic surveys are surveys that measure the terrain of a property and are usually used to facilitate the design of a new structure or a septic system design. Topographic surveys are usually required for site plan review at a town planning board. Topographic surveys produce a topographic map with a two foot contour interval in the design area within the property.

Sardo Land Surveying - property with lawn
Sardo Land Surveying - property with river
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